Pastoral Council Vision Statement

 The Pastoral Council exists to encourage and enable the people of God to participate in the mission of the Catholic Church according to their gifts. The Council should contribute to the building up of the particular community under the spiritual and administrative care of the pastor, and through the works of sanctification, evangelization and charity, which transform the social order.  

Parish Council Mission Statement

The Pastoral Council advises and assists the pastor in planning, developing and implementing pastoral programs and improving pastoral services and effectiveness. Its purpose is to unite the clergy, religious and laity in a community of prayer, leadership and pastoral ministry.

Pastoral Council Members

Sarah Stockwell - Council Chair
Eric Bran - Communications Chair
Vince Higgins - Buildings and Grounds Co-chair
Don West - Stewardship Chair
Barbara Himber - Education Co-chair
Eunice Forde - Education Co-chair
Michael Walker  - Ministry and Outreach Co-Chair
George Oswald - Buildings and Grounds Co-chair
Ronnie Vinson  - Worship Team Liaison

Ex-Officio Members
Fr. Val Handwerker
Fr. Jose Cruz Zapata-Torres
Dcn. Frank Williams
Dcn. Bill Lifsey
Jane Van Deren Pera
Robin Perry
Karen Gephart