Cathedral Parish Mission Feb. 27-March 2 Led by Peter Sartain

There are few things in the world quite like a parish mission! In addition to the spiritual renewal of the individual, a parish mission offers our parish community opportunity for transformation by a renewed love of God and neighbor. 

A Parish Mission differs from a retreat in that, through a visiting priest, it offers the parish as a group the possibility of prayer, openness, and listening ear and heart to what Christ is calling us to do in our lives. 

Our Parish Mission will be led by Peter Sartain, Archbishop Emeritus, Seattle. Archbishop Sartain will preach at all Masses the weekend of February 27th and 28th.  He will also present a one-hour talk at 7pm Monday, March 1, as part of our Lenten Speakers Series, and will speak again on Tuesday, March 2 at 7pm

The purpose of a Mission is, first of all, to take time out of our everyday, workday, pandemic lives and stop to ponder the direction of our lives and where we are in relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation plays an important role in a Mission since it is the way back for Catholics into the love, mercy and relationship we have with Christ.  Our own sin breaks that relationship.

The Holy Spirit works powerfully in a Parish Mission in that the Spirit will give us a sense of unity, repentance, bring comfort to the needs in our lives and lead us all the more to follow Christ more closely and in a unified manner.

The Parish Mission will conclude with our parish Lenten Penance Service on Thursday, March 4, at 7 pm. 

As we celebrate our 100th year as a parish, let us join together as a community of faith for this amazing opportunity of unity, reconciliation and renewal!

Posted by June LaPorta at 11:04 AM