A Christmas Message from Fr. Robert

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
On that first Christmas, the angels praised God, saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to men of good will.” The shepherds came and adored the newborn Savior. Saint Luke wrote, “And Mary treasured all of these things and reflected on them in her heart.”
We too need to pause and treasure the gift of Christmas in our hearts. And that gift is simply Jesus, true God who became true man, who came to reveal perfectly God’s truth and love to us, who died and rose for our salvation, and who founded a Church – a family – where His presence continues in both Word and Sacrament. Treasure and reflect on the gift of Jesus and the faith you share in Him as a member of the Catholic Church.
Moreover, we must not let Christmas just be a passing day. Live in the spirit of Christmas each day. Reflect upon how to better treasure this gift each day by making prayer a critical part of your day, by continuing to read Sacred Scripture and the teachings of our Church, by having a stronger devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Mass, by regularly making a self-examination of conscience and going to Confession, and doing those good works for those entrusted to our care and for those in need. May such reflection of the gift of Christmas, move us by God’s grace to an even more intimate relationship with our Lord. May our souls be like the stable in Bethlehem where Christ first made His dwelling among us.
Lastly, as the Cathedral pastor, I treasure the gifts of your sacrifices and hard work you have shown to make this parish a beacon of Christ’s love. On behalf of Father Ruben Villalon, Deacons Alan Crone, Rick Martin and Bill Pettit and all of the Staff at the Cathedral, I wish each of you a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year! Please be assured of my prayers for your intentions and a remembrance at Holy Mass. May the peace, joy, and love of the Holy Family be present in your lives each day of the New Year.
May God bless you,
Posted by June LaPorta at 3:21 PM