Lenten Devotions for your spiritual journey

We have found several sites that have a variety of Lenten devotions.  Hopefully you will find one of these that assists your prayer during the Lenten season.  Click on the Dynamic Catholic "Best Lent Ever" image below and sign up for daily messages. Please click on any of the links below:




Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross will be prayed, as usual, on Fridays of Lent at 6:30pm, following the KofC Fish Fry.

At the end of the Stations of the Cross, however, we will also have the opportunity for a blessing and veneration of a Relic of the True Cross! When the Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, he sent his mother, St. Helena to the Holy Land to retrieve the items associated with the Passion of the Lord. After research and investigation (according to Jewish custom, the items associated with a person’s death were buried near the place of death/burial) the relics of the Passion (includingthe Cross itself, the Crown of Thorns, Nails, Lance, INRI sign, etc.) where unearthed and brought back to Rome and enshrined in a church built by Constantine which is still standing today — the Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. It is titled “in Jerusalem” because, along with the relics of the Passion, St. Helena also brought back tons and tons of soil from Jerusalem to build the church “on Jerusalem soil.” We happen to have a Relic of the Cross here at the Cathedral and it will be exposed for prayer before and during the Stations of the Cross. At the end of the Stations, the priest or deacon leading the Stations will give a blessing with the Relic and stand with it in front of the Altar for people to come up and venerate it (kiss it, touch it, genuflect before it) if they so wish. Traditionally, a genuflection is made to a Relic of the True Cross or to the Cross on Good Friday. Although we do not “worship” the Relic or the Cross as we worship the Blessed Sacrament, the genuflection is the most profound reverence we can make to the instrument of our salvation.

United States Bishops videos for Lent

Stations of the Cross