Explore your faith

The normal process for a person exploring the possibility of becoming Catholic is called Christian Initiation, a combination of catechetical sessions and public rituals. The process, of no particular length of time, is structured considering the background and questions of the person, while providing a broadly based understanding of the Church. The goal is always to offer a thorough presentation of the Church’s life and teaching to enable the person to make an informed decision about becoming Catholic.

Interested in Learning about The Catholic Faith?
Please Contact:  Deacon Bill Pettit, or Deacon Rick Martin, we will be glad to meet with those interested in finding our more about the Catholic faith.  Please contact either of our Deacons above to set up a convenient time to meet to talk about the Catholic Faith and the process at Immaculate Conception.  We welcome your inquiry and look forward to talking to those interested in finding out more about Catholicism.

No registration is required. At these gatherings in the fall and winter, members of the Initiation Ministries Team listen to the inquirer, doing their best to answer initial questions. They also share their own experiences of coming to relationship with Christ and being involved in the life of the Church. The Inquirer is always free to decide to return to the next session, to postpone, or to end the process.

If an Inquirer continues in the process through the celebration of the first public ritual, a sponsor will be assigned to continue the journey with the catechumen, a previously unbaptized person, or the candidate, one baptized previously in another faith tradition.